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Our History

La Nostra Storia

Eleven years ago, we began as Lemontree Calligraphy and Illustration; it was a business built on an amateur interest in calligraphy and hand lettering. I began with a very organic vision: one that took on a life of its own with the addition of watercolour. As my skills grew, so did the size and calibre of Lemontree’s projects and clients.

Today, The Lemontree Collective utilises the talents of many to coordinate beautiful custom events that include stationery, favours, decor, fashion, guest gifting services, tableware, table linens, signage, furniture, and international site installations. Our clientele includes those with the desire to put a creative, artistic spin on their events.

We’ve worked with the best in the biz…

Betsy Weir

Creative Director

Betsy is the founding Director at The Lemontree Collective. Her background extends through both the performing and visual arts, giving her a unique perspective on creative enterprise and an eye for the finest detail.

With an appreciation for tradition and a balance between naturalism and extravagance, her inspiration comes from botanicals, intricate patterns and textiles. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are the essence of Lemontree’s style and exclusivity.

Virginia Fulkerson

Media & Logistics

Virginia is sheer talent on the cusp of finding her niche. She’s a florist by trade, but we have the privilege of working with her in our studio a few days a week. Her talents include an incredible eye for colour, composition, and organisation. She’s not only a talent behind the camera lens, but is broad-minded, creative, receptive, and self-driven. She thinks outside the box and brings fresh ideas and aptitude to our space. Check out her incredible work on our media channels.