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All of our projects begin with the creation of a design board. This is created in collaboration with our clients; a collection of inspiration in the form of relevant photos and visual ideas.



Through constructive conversation, a bit of research, and the study of the project design board, we start to develop a concept. Sometimes this includes a series of sketches, or sometimes a digital mockup using screen shots from the design board.

The ideas are shared with our client and changes made to refine and further develop the design. Once everyone is happy with the concept, we move forward.



The painting process is one of the most time consuming phases of your project. It can take several weeks to complete all the pieces of every design included in your project.

Once painting is complete, we digitise all pieces and assemble to create your first proofs.



You will receive digital proofs of your design. This is an opportunity to see your project come to life and is very exciting for both designers and clientele!

Proofing is your opportunity to tweak your design to a finished product. Colour, layout, and the size of any elements can be changed. We can also add or remove pieces. This is a collaborative process – we provide guidance based on basic design principles and our clients guide us toward their ideal composition.



Invitation suites and day-of stationery will be printed and shipped from our studios in Melbourne, or we can deliver print-ready files directly to you for local production. Assembly and postage services are also available, saving time in transit.

Websites are built in-house and once proofing is completed in a private, local testing environment, the site is transferred to it’s new domain and goes ‘live’ for public access.

All illustration projects, branding, and commercial commissions are delivered as high resolution file packages according to your requirements for the project.


There are two ways to approach design: ‘design by conversation’, and ‘design by declaration’.

If a designer has the expertise, judgement, and skill to simply ‘declare’ the best design solution, then perhaps they have more talent than we do!

We prefer a constructive conversation around what is possible, attainable, and desirable. Exploring a range of options, including those that do not work, shape a collaborative relationship and helps educate everyone through the process. The result is more constructive, and gives everyone involved a thorough understanding and ownership of the solution.


We are full service events design company. This includes far more than tangible deliverables. It includes an exceptional level of service.

We pride ourselves on the care and integrity with which we do business. We believe that a high level of respect and consideration is imperative in this industry, as well as seamless communication. While we strive to produce a luxury product that meets the most discerning standard, of equalled importance is how we carry out our process.



Who provides the content?

When it comes to the wording on an invitation, the content for a website, or anything in words that is included on any pieces we create for you, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO PROVIDES ALL CONTENT. We are happy to assist with examples if you need, or often times an event planner is an excellent resource for wording.

How long does your process take?
  • Save the Dates: 4 weeks
  • Invitations: 8-16 weeks
  • Websites: 6 weeks
  • Maps: 4 weeks
  • Emblems: 2 weeks
  • Branding: 4-6 weeks
  • Day-of Stationery: 4-6 weeks
  • Textile Design: 3 weeks
  • Textile Production: 12-16 weeks
How many proofs are included?

Once your artwork is painted and you are receiving proofs in colour via email, you have three full rounds of proofing. Each round, be sure you go over everything including spelling, punctuation, and also layout and colours! Making the most of each round is key.

Do you provide paper samples?

We do, upon request. The materials used for our thicker, rigid weights are not available for sampling (these are layers of paper and board and are created to order), but we can send you single weight paper options to see texture and colours. 

If you would like to see paper samples, please let us know at the start of your project. Shipping can take a week’s time, and often when paper choice needs to be decided we no longer have this time window.

Why are emblems and maps a separate cost?

Emblem and map artwork are the only illustrated pieces of an invitation suite that we consider ‘separate’. This is because you receive a high resolution file package at the end of the project. You can use this artwork throughout your wedding or event, or for any personal purposes you wish indefinitely. No other piece of your artwork is shared with you as a digital file.

Because of this, they are considered an independent project, and are usually completed BEFORE your invitations to establish style, colour palette, and to set the tone for the rest of the artwork.

Do table linens and other event decor ship directly to my venue?

Yes. All decor for events are shipped directly to your event planner, venue, or desired destination address using DHL express. It is by far the most reliable international shipping method globally, and the best with customs approvals and timeliness. We do everything possible to facilitate customs processing and approval including pre-payment of taxes and duties on your behalf.

If your order includes guest gifting, table linens, and extensive decor, our team is available for on-site assembly and set-up services. This includes personal escort of all your pieces to the destination to avoid shipping and customs altogether. Please enquire.

I have booked a website design and you are 'managing the guest list'. What does this include?

Our guest list management feature provided with our GOLD tier websites means we handle all communication with your guests for the duration of your wedding planning. This includes:

  1. Digital sending of your Save the Date (if needed)
  2. Initial Save the Date RSVP tracking & follow up
  3. Emails to guest list (notifications of website updates, accommodation information, etc.)
  4. Formal invitation RSVP tracking and follow up
  5. All guest communications up until the dates of the events.
Will you provide several designs for me to choose from?

Not typically. If conversations and our process has gone well up to the painting and assembly point, we will feel confident enough in our design direction to move forward with a single design. 

We tailor our process to each couple. Conversations prior to the proofing stage determine how to best move ahead. If more than one design option is the best way forward, that will be the path we take.

Can I change the quantities later after booking?

Absolutely. Event planning is an organic process. Quantities, the pieces required, or the design requirements could change. Bookings allow us to allocate the required time for your project. Exactly what we work on during that time is very flexible. 

We will always confirm quantities with you right before everything heads to production. Any balance paid goes toward the time taken and the pieces you receive at the end of the project. We do encourage clients to booking at least some day-of stationery (even if you are unsure of what you need) so you have the time reserved on our calendar.  

I need a Save the Date as soon as possible. How quickly can you create one?

This depends on several factors, the largest one being availability. 

If you are also booking a full suite plus other pieces with us, it is worth juggling our schedule a bit to accommodate your desired time frame for a Save the Date. 

Please enquire with your desired date of completion, as well as all pieces you would like to commission and we can get back to you within 24 hours.


It’s not just about the process, it’s the way we go about it.



We conduct our business practices following a moral and ethical framework. Shaped by our core values, this framework is based on honesty, professionalism, respect, and accountability.


Open communication with our clients facilitates a relationship based on honesty and respect. We understand that we are providing a service that has great personal value to many of our clients. Being present and available, replying as soon as possible to any form of communication, and providing continuous updates on the progression of a project is vital.


A dedication to high quality standards across all products and deliverables is indispensable. We are committed to standing behind what we create and delivering the value we promise. Our founder, Betsy Weir, has always appreciated and admired the finest qualities and from her start in the industry in 2013, has always endeavoured to provide the same.


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